Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who are the people behind the success of Bagong Bayani and Batang Bayani

Kudos! to the minds behind Bagong Bayani and the new baby, Batang Bayani. You all have made an incredible job in making the "BB series" a swerving success. Thanks to the brains of...

Jonathan B. Susvilla
editor for Bagong Bayani for 1st and 2nd yr.

Sheila Marie D. Dumalay
editor for Bagong Bayani for 3rd and 4th yr.
editor for all Batang Bayani mags

Our deepest gratitude goes to the superb hands in layout and graphics designs of...

Rey Lasala
layout and graphics artist for all the mags

Jonathan Busayong
supervisor/head for layout and imageset

The irreplaceable staff for their continuous support of their helpful minds, plus their sleepless nights wondering if the articles published will flop or pop.

Allene Agbon
Mon Julius Prajinog
Apple Dates Simora
Ric Dumalay

And to the people who in one way or another, has contributed to the exceeding sales of the product...they are...

Lilibeth Lagumbay, Lourdes Navato, Joseph Cabang, Eve Navato, especially to our beloved Lolo, Antonio Cesar Sas
for the hands-on work in overseeing the "BB series" post production

and to...

Jenny Vee Embate
for the hard work and great marketing skills for the BB Series.

MOre Power to All!

Bagong Bayani, Batang Bayani

Hey kids, this is a blog site for Bagong Bayani (magazine for High School Students) and Batang Bayani (for elementary kids).We will be featuring some published articles here, for those who don't have copies of the mag, and some nice reads for you to enjoy. We will also be posting what articles to watch out for in the upcoming issues, and what nice images we will be publishing. Any comments on the issues and the articles will be very welcome.

We would like to let you know that we, the editorial staff, would like to thank those High School Students of General Santos for patronizing and supporting the first year's (2008) 6-issues of Bagong Bayani.

Because of the demand for the mag, we are honored to announce our upcoming baby, Batang Bayani which will be published come June of this year. It will also be a 6-issues magazine, that will cater to the reading needs of a)Grades 1 and 2; b) Grades 3 and 4 and c)Grades 5 and 6.

Nice articles and fully colored pages, with special researches done on each topic.

Enjoy reading kids!

Sample copies of the mags are now available at:

MECS Publishing House, Inc.
Leon Llido St., Lagao
Gen. Santos City

You can email us at:


Thank you for supporting our magazine! Mabuhay ka